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English books by Benjamin Creme (and Gerard Aartsen)
The Awakening of Humanity is a companion volume to Benjamin Creme's The World Teacher for All Humanity, published in 2007, which emphasizes the nature of Maitreya as World Teacher, the Embodiment of Love and Wisdom.

The Awakening of Humanity focuses on the day when Maitreya declares Himself openly as World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius. It describes the process of Maitreya's emergence, the steps leading to the Day of Declaration, and humanity's response to this momentous experience.
Of the Day of Declaration Benjamin Creme's Master says: "Never, before, will men have heard the call to their divinity, the challenge to their presence here on Earth. Each, singly, and solemnly alone, will know for that time the purpose and meaning of their lives, will experience anew the grace of childhood, the purity of aspiration cleansed of self. For these precious minutes, men will know afresh the joy of full participation in the realities of Life, will feel connected one to another, like the memory of a distant past."

This prophetic book gives the reader hope and expectancy for the joyful, world-changing events which are on their way.

Published: June 2008
ISBN: 978-90-71484-41-4
Paperback: 141 pages
Price: €7.50
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English books by Benjamin Creme (and Gerard Aartsen)
The Gathering of the Forces of Light is a book about UFOs, but with a difference. It is written by someone who has worked with them and knows about them from the inside. Benjamin Creme sees the presence of UFOs as planned and of immense value for the people of Earth.

According to Benjamin Creme, the UFOs and the people in them are engaged on a spiritual mission to ease humanity’s lot and to save this planet from further and faster destruction. Our own planetary Hierarchy, led by Maitreya, the World Teacher, now living among us, works tirelessly with their Space Brothers in a fraternal enterprise to restore sanity to this Earth.

Creme shows how all the planets of our solar system are inhabited, but on physical levels beyond present human sight, the so-called etheric planes. The spacecraft are constructed on the same principle; they too are in etheric matter and have complete control of energies in space. Our Space Brothers are responsible not only for crop circles but also for preparing the way on Earth for a new technology of light which will give us unlimited power from the sun. When we banish war forever and are endeavouring to live in right relationship, that technology will be ours. For the Spiritual Hierarchy of both our own and the sister planets of our system, right human relationship involves the end of competition and the beginning of an era of co-operation with sharing, justice and freedom as its hallmarks.

The book also addresses the emergence of new and more inclusive forms of education, which will be needed as we experience a huge shift in consciousness and a growing awareness of the richness of life ahead, unfettered by the stranglehold of commercialism and the dominance of market forces.

Fantasy? Benjamin Creme writes with such cogency and authority that it is difficult to gainsay his message. We leave it to the readers to come to their own conclusion; in any case, according to the author, the truth will soon be apparent for all to see, awakening humanity to their own divinity and the establishment of the rule of spiritual law on Earth.

The book contains talks by Benjamin Creme, articles by Benjamin Creme’s Master and Questions and Answers, and is in two parts: the first, ‘UFOs and their Spiritual Mission’, deals with the work of our Space Brothers on behalf of humanity; the second, ‘Education in the New Age’, looks at the changes in education that will be necessary in the coming time, as we adopt new technologies introduced by the Space Brothers and become increasingly aware of the hitherto hidden forces that underlie our lives.

In Part One, ‘UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission’, topics include: The Space Brothers’ Work on Earth, Contacting the Space Brothers, George Adamski and other Contactees, Encounters with Spaceships, Benjamin Creme’s Work with the Space Brothers. Topics under ‘The Invisible Peril’ cover Etheric Matter and Current Science, Pollution and Nuclear Radiation, Saving the Planet. Also included: The ‘Star’ heralding Maitreya’s Emergence, Maitreya’s First Interview and Maitreya’s Light-ship. Includes colour photographs.

In Part Two, ‘Education in the New Age’, topics include: We do not know who we are, Intuition and Creativity, Educating Young Children, Educational Role of the Groups, Family and Karma, the Technology of Light.

Published: July 2010
ISBN: 978-90-71484-46-9
Paperback: 240 pages
Price: €17
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17.00 €(incl. Btw)
English books by Benjamin Creme (and Gerard Aartsen)
We need a new, hopeful vision for the future. This book presents such a vision: a future that embraces a world at peace in harmony and unity, while each individual quality and approach is welcomed and needed. It is visionary, but is expressed with a cogent and compelling logic.

Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity concerns the future of every man, woman and child. It is about the future of the Earth itself. Humanity, Creme says, is at a crossroads and has a major decision to make: to go onwards and create a brilliant new civilisation in which all are free and social justice reigns, or continue as we are, divided and competing, and see the end of life on planet Earth.

Creme writes for the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth, whose Plan for the betterment of all humanity he presents. He shows that the path forward for us all is the realisation of our essential unity without the sacrifice of our equally essential diversity.
Published: June 2012

ISBN: 978-90-71484-98-8
Paperback: 167 pages
Price: €12
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12.00 €(incl. Btw)
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